Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Ok, todays topic is about seeing how many people viewed your listing. I know many e-commerce sites show how many people viewed each of your listings. Is that helpful information to you? Would you like such info on the listing page where it can be viewed by all? Or would you prefer it in your store account, where you can privately see how many people viewed your listing? What does seeing it on someone else's listing tell you? Please give me your opinions on this subject


  1. Seeing how many views a listing has had can bring you some much needed encouraging. It gives you a chance to know that even if people aren't buying they are still interested or at least looking for an item you might be selling. I find it useful as well to pinpoint what might be trending at the moment.

    As far as whether or not customers should see it? I think it is possibly a double edged sword. On one side it might help to drive an onlooker over to buying it but on the other it might make them wonder why no one else has purchased it.

    I know on big venues such as Etsy and Artfire is almost seems like a social game.

    I would say it's useful to us, the seller for sure. I can't say about our patrons.

  2. Personally, I check the Products Viewed Report on a regular basis. It gives me a good idea of what items are attracting attention, and which ones aren't. I can then try to assess why the ones that aren't being looked at are not garnering interest. Sometimes I just need to take a different photograph. Without the ability to see what people are looking at, it would feel a bit like flying blind. For me, it's valuable feedback. It's not, however, feedback I think the public would benefit from. I agree, that information could possibly have a negative backlash if something has been viewed many times but perceived as "Passed Over". Others will follow suit, assuming there must be "something wrong" with that item. Thanks for the great question, Zahoomi!

  3. I completely agree with Nadine! Buyers do not need to know how many others looked at a particular item.